This is how to remove Your Wrinkles and Dark Spots in less than 7 days

Clinical trials by professor Albert Bellange prove that the new formula helps in dealing with wrinkles, loose and dry skin, and practically makes it 15 years younger.

Before we go into details, we will acquaint you with some of the results of this revolutionary discovery. A 54-year-old woman’s skin, after she participated in one of the studies, has biochemically been rejuvenated by 2 decades. We repeat, a 54-year-old woman’s skin is biochemically identical to that of a 34-year-old woman. The biological age of 34-year-olds’ skin has been “rewound” back to 22-23 years of age.

At first glance these these results may sound premature, overly optimistic and non-universal if we think within the current scientific framework. Here, however, comes the proof of peptides’ influence over skin-cell DNA, more particularly the epidermis and the dermis (the top two skin layers). It seems that science has finally found a way to win the battle against wrinkles and even reverse the skin-aging process.

(Jessica Raymond, New York)At a historic press-conference it was announced that the French-born American professor Albert Bellange managed to restore the youth of aging skin. The key turned out to be a new method to treat aging skin, a discovery of Prof. Bellange’s based on the work of three Nobel-prize winners in the field of Chemistry and Biology: Eirik Albertsson, Nadan Petersson and Yukka Fieberg.

This peptide formula has passed clinical trials with more than 800 participants. The results have been extremely impressive – rejuvenation has been observed in all women (ages betwenn 25 and 72). Their skin has been rejuvenated by 5 to 25 years in just 4 to 6 weeks. YES, THESE ARE ACTUAL RESULTS! But back to the press-conference’s announcements. Prof. Bellange called up to the podium a woman, visibly in her 30s. She took out here ID and confirmed her birth date to the stunned journalists: she was born in 1961 and was 54 years old.

After the storm of applause died down, Prof. Bellange pointed out the typical signs of skin aging that all women come across after their 25th year. Problems such as forehead wrinkles, especially persistent between the eyebrows, as well as deep lines around the eyes, grooves running down the sides of the nose and to the mouth, loose and dry cheeks, chin and neck. Then all the evidence was presented that documented the unusual rejuvenation of Mrs. Adams’ skin.

After that we were presented with the innovative product itself – a white cream in a stylish jar. The professor started applying it to Holly Adams’ face, tapping carefully, no vigorous massaging. The white ointment slowly faded into the skin, which absorbed it. In mere seconds we could see her skin freshen, the 54-year-old Holly’s forehead was as smooth as a newborn’s. This was the effect on her entire face, as if after a botox injection, but looking completely natural and healthy, unlike after a risky injection.

At the presentation’s end Holly’s skin was glowing, youthful once more. If I hadn’t seen her ID, I wouldn’t have believed her age. And if not for her “before” photographs I wouldn’t have believed that her skin was ever dry or damaged. She was looking a full generation younger.
You can imagine our astonishement. We had witnessed a miracle, but a medical one, not science fiction.

The Scientific Explanation

This change you’ve seen might seem a miracle to you, but to us, scientists, it is completely comprehensible,” Prof. Bellange pointed out. “It’s based on a single, although a historic discovery, but also on decade-long clinical trials, hundreds of scientific experiments and tests, the professor added. The Nobel laureates have found a way to change the skin cells’ DNA-structure, and the credit is theirs alone – it’s due to their effort and love of science that we owe this discovery,”he noted. “With age muscles and skin glands start shrinking. They become loose instead of retaining their elasticity and firmness, as in childhood and youth. Wrinkles, lines and grooves form. The skin loses its glow and vitality.

What makes skin-cells grow old? It’s not a simple loss of water, as cosmetic ads claim, but something much more important. The skin seems to “forget” how to regenerate with age. It slowly dies, starving itself out, forgetting how to “feed” itself. It’s a phenomenon we’ve only recently gained insight into. Here’s where the discovery comes in. Scientists have managed to synthesise a special protein, a “peptide” in biological terms, to “remind” and prompt the skin’s DNA to regenerate and start “feeding” itself once more.

Can we change our skin’s nature?

Too good to be true? Yes, you’re surprised and having a hard time believing this; just as I was before I saw all this. Actually, medicine has proven that with the help of the newly discovered DNA-rejuvenating peptides, it’s possible for practically anyone to reverse skin aging – growing younger with each use. This inspirational discovery and it’s all-natural DNA-stimulating components, challenges the aging process… and defeats it! Now we know how to achieve what inspired writers and painters for centuries: how to get back our youthful look, our skin’s freshness and natural beauty. Wrinkles disappear by themselves, quickly and safely.

Science achieved it, and clinical and laboratory trials confirmed it! Applied on the skin, this peptide formula “teaches and reminds” the skin’s DNA to feed. With this scientific discovery, the skin can regain its youth all by itself in very short time. It smoothes its own wrinkles without any mechanical intervention.


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