These are the seven subjects every Ghanaian kid loved in school

Most kids don’t like School, but when it comes to these classes, they find it fun to attend.

Here’re subjects every Ghanaian absolutely loved in school.

1. English Language


Aside Dictation, everyone loved it, and the English Class was always full.

2. Religious and Moral Education 


Most of us were excited with the numerous stories from the Bible and Quran . Nobody slept or chewed the pen cover in RME class. Besides, who hates hearing all the amazing stories from the Bible or Quran? We knew so much from Sunday school anyway

3. Twi/Ga/Ewe 

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The local languages classes were one of the most exciting.

4. Social Studies


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Many students were excited to hear stuff about the reproduction system.  They also attend Social Studies classes because they got to learn about great Ghanaian leaders like Kwame Nkrumah and Yaa Asantewaa. This subject told us countless amazing stories of Ghanaian warriors and history, it was almost like watching DC Comics just being told in words …

5. Agric science 

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Many students did not miss a class about plants, animals and botanical names of popular foods

6. Physical and Education (PE)

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Everyone loved PE because it involved mostly running and playing football outside the classroom. Who in the world would hate the only time kids were allowed to play around and wasn’t break time???

7. Vocational studies


Ah! just because it was the only time we cooked in school, we were split in groups and told to cook a delicacy, each team member will be judged by what they cooked, team members then ate their food after the class … what else could be more fun than cooking in school? ? ?


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