See 6 of the worst Ghanaian movies that disgraced the country

The Ghana Movie Industry can vaunt some pretty awesome movies and some very scrappy ones.

There are those ridiculous movies that are totally unrestrained and a ton of fun. There are others too that struggle to find a consistent tone and end up rather embarrassing.

You can watch some movie and go like, REALLY??? It’s either the whole movie makes no sense or there is some pretty silly effects being employed by the makers.

We have some of the most bizarre, outrageous and ferociously demented films produced in Ghana.

1. Obonsam Besu (Devil May Cry)

You have to watch the trailer above but try your best to watch the entire movie when you are less busy. I don’t understand why people waste resources and money to produce such rubbish.

2.  2016

2016 (2010 Ghanaian film) promotional poster.jpg

Ghana was a laughing stock all over the world after this movie was made. 2016 is a 2010 Ghanaian direct-to-video science-fiction action film directed by the pseudonym Ninja. This movie made it onto the international scene with its bad effects. Is it really compulsory to do movies that our equipment can’t  support? Check out the trailer

3. Kyeiwaa Kung Fu

kyeiwaa kung fu

How on earth do you have Kyeiwaa do those ridiculous karate moves? SMH

4. Ananse Ntentan

Image result for ananse ntentan ghana movie

The effects, animation, graphics and everything about this Ghana’s version of Spiderman were all wrong! After stealing this concept, the execution was so poor that acting with the computer generated image was badly directed.

And oh, the fighting scenes were all useless. Check the trailer below….

5. Just Three Days

This was supposed to be an action movie produced by Ninja Films Production. They spent time to come up with this useless storyline with some ridiculous stunts. They tried to imitate some element of the Terminator movie but again, the execution was poor. There was a scene where a bomb goes off just behind a human being and he just stands there as if nothing happened. WATCH TRAILER BELOW…

6. The Hammerman

Another shameful movie copied from the Thor movie. As usual, execution was badly done. And what’s the purpose of blocking bullets with a big hammer?? Not our kinda thing at all. Such a waste of money. Watch trailer below…



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