Check out the 22 foods every Ghanaian kid grew up with

Not even a single child growing up in Ghana can deny tasting any of these foods whether it is from your tribe or not.

Just check out our list and let us know which was your favourite…

1. Hausa Koko
Every Ghanaian kids breakfast before school.

2. Corn dough porridge (Moore koko)

This is a breakfast option for Hausa Koko. Well, It can sometimes be taken as supper depending on one’s cravings.

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3. Plantain with palava sauce

Maybe i’ve tasted this once but it’s common in other homes as well and so most Ghanaian kids have tasted it before. It’s supper in most Akan homes!!

4. Jollof

Every Ghanaian child favourite. If you have not tasted jollof before, raise your hand!

5. Gari soakings

When there is nothing at home, this is your kind of food for lunch at home. We eat it to survive!

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6. Gari and shito

You can decide not to taste this at home, but hey, you definitely would in secondary school.

7. Gari and beans

Something every Ghanaian kid had to buy right after school in the afternoon or in the morning of weekends.

8. Tuo Zaafi

This food is very popular in most Moslem homes any time of the day and so as a kid you can’t skip this but with other religion and tribes, it is our afternoon meal when your mum is not home.

9. Rice Water

It is eaten with sugar and milk added to improve upon the taste. Rice water is accompanied by bread or biscuits.

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10. Kokonte and groundnut soup

Most of us have pretended not to eat before but we’ve all tasted it before.

11. Fried Yam and pepper

Your favourite afternoon food after school.

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12. Kelewele

I don’t believe there is a Ghanaian kid who hasn’t tasted this before. This food has been with us for ages.

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13. Kofi Brokeman

kofi Brokeman is no longer food for the poor as prices of plantain have drastically shot up. But those says when you come home after school and your mum is not home but there is money at home, this is what every kid goes for.

14. Oily rice (Anwa moo)

I still love this food. Every Ghanaian kid prefer Anwa moo especially on Saturday afternoon.

Try 'oil rice', fried eggs and hot pepper for lunch

15. Tom Brown

Many eat this in rotation to either white moore koko or hausa koko.

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16. Waakye

We have depended on this food when going to school as kids and we still depend on it going to work.

17. Emu Tuo with groundnut soup

Sunday special for kids and adults

18. Ampesi

This is one of the most simple foods to eat in Ghana

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19. Banku and Okro soup

You can store Banku for weeks and whenever there is no food you can fall on it. Very common many Ghanaian homes.

20. Rice and stew

Perhaps, this is the most common food in every Ghanaian home. Rice and stew is every Ghanaian kid favourite food.

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21. Fufu and Ab3nkwan (palm nut soup)

Fufu goes with a lot of soups but most Akans prefer it with Palm nut soup.

Image result for fufu and palm nut soup

22. Mashke with groundnut (Iced Kenkey)

This was one of my favourites when growing up. Just crumble part of a ball of Fante kenkey with your fingers (blender is now common) into a cup and add cold water and “plenty” of evaporated milk and sugar (it was sugar cubes in those days), stir well, and drink/eat it from a large mug.

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