Applicants must agree to ‘diversity & inclusion’ pledge to work at ISU

Iowa State University has added a requirement to their job application which asks prospective employees to pledge that they will “demonstrate their contribution to diversity and inclusion” once hired.  

The College Fix reports ISU calls itself a “global and culturally diverse university committed to providing an inclusive, equitable, and diverse environment for both learning and employment,” and the new requirement states the “university has an expectation that all employees will demonstrate a contribution to diversity and inclusion as embodied in Iowa State University’s Principles of Community.”

According to those principles, the public university believes in “the right to and the importance of a free exchange of ideas at Iowa State University within the bounds of courtesy, sensitivity, and respect.”

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The College Fix reports these principles are vague and do not explain what “courtesy, sensitivity, and respect,” look like while engaging in the free exchange of ideas.

In the past, the university has been found guilty of knowingly violating the First Amendment rights of students.

Iowa State spokeswoman Annette Hacker told The College Fix, “the purpose of the language is to ensure applicants have an understanding of the university’s ongoing commitment to diversity in experience and perspective. Applicants may choose to share what they believe to be applicable.”

The university’s Vice President of Diversity and Inclusion, Reginald Stewart, explained to the campus leaders the new language is a way to be honest about the university’s priorities with potential employees.

“We knew it would be time for us to articulate [a] message of diversity and inclusion for every new employee,” Stewart said. “The important work of having the really complex and difficult conversations that we’ve been having is that it’s the responsibility of everyone, not just the people over in that office that have diversity and inclusion in their title.”

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